Ravens & Chimes is Awesome!

Ravens n Chimes

So on Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the last performance ever by the almighty Voxtrot at Bowery Ballroom. Twas awesome. Although we found a great bar called Home Sweet Home about a block away, the second best thing of the night was by far the surprise that I got to see Ravens and Chimes open the show. The set they played was mainly made up of songs from their new album, which was completed about a week ago. I was even lucky enough to have a short dialogue with the band when I shouted for them to play “January,” my favorite song from their 2008 album Reichenbach Falls.  The main man, Asher, looked generally surprised that somebody knew some of their songs, as the band really hasn’t gotten the credit it deserves in the past few years. Well, here’s a bit of recognition for you guys!

Anyway, the style the band plays is hard to describe. It’s something like a baroque pop indie rock mix with a grandiose synth vibe throughout. Hmm… maybe a cross between Arcade Fire and The Acorn is a better description, with a heavy reminder of These United States’ vocal style. Anyway, it’s unique and catchy and deserves more praise, so I’m writing about it. Don’t make me fight you.

Oh, an here’s that song I love, kids:

Ravens and Chimes – January


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