Album Review: Wavves – King of the Beach 

Freaky album art, yo!

So Nathaniel Williams of the sometimes infamous Wavves has a new album, and being as this is the first post on this amazing new nugget of internetty goodness, I figured Id take a shot at reviewing it.  This is the first album that Mr. Williams has taken into the studio for a true polishing, as the last two albums were done on an internal laptop microphone and wore that fact as a badge of lo-fi pride.  While neither of those albums were perfect in my humble opinion, the fact that the man can make some really catchy songs on an internal microphone is pretty impressive.  Now that he’s taken this trait to a real studio, the full potential of Wavves has been realized and is on display all over KotB.

Not only is the production worth noting, but the songs themselves have gotten much more consistent and finally feel like they belong together.  All of the tracks are appropriate length for the style of music, and the hooks that made “So Bored” and “No Hope Kids” so great on Wavvves are now included on every single track, making this an accessible and great first listen to the band.  That, the lack of too many instrumentals (lyrics are fun!), and the fact that it’s a solid 36 minutes makes this perfect-album length as well.  My personal belief is that an album should never be more than 40 minutes under almost any circumstances, but I’ll get to that another time.  For now, listen to “Post Acid” and melt away at the pop perfection…

Wavves – Post Acid

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