Lou Reed’s Satellite of Love

Ok, so Lou Reed is a musical genius (most of the time).  He is one of my idol’s idols, so that means I must love him with every inch of my being, which I do.  For those not in the know, he was the leader and main songwriter of the Velvet Underground, the most underrated band of just about all time, and went on to a very spotty solo career.  By spotty I mean mostly horrible, unless your into very slow songs describing miserable people in their miserable lives.  All I can say is that without his friend David Bowie’s help he would not have gotten very far, so cheers to you, Mr. Bowie…

Bowie did the favor of helping out Lou on his second solo album after his first one tanked commercially, and the result was Transformer.  This album contains some of the best songs Reed ever wrote, and deservedly was his critical and commercial peak.  Not to say he didn’t write good songs later, but Transformer was special and everyone should listen to it right……..now.

(patiently waiting……..)

Welcome back.  So getting away from my digressions and to the point, I hate every Lou Reed best of compilation in existence.  They are all too long, don’t contain the right songs, and have too many cheesy ballads that somehow got popular (The Ocean?).  As a result of this, I decided to make my own best of, which I must say is fairly awesome, and doesn’t include any true VU tracks, standing on a solidly decent solo career instead.  That’s this:

Perfect Day

Walk on the Wild Side


Rock & Roll Heart

I’m So Free

I Love You, Suzanne

Satellite of Love


My Friend George

Lisa Says

You’ll also notice that this list is made up of ROCK songs, not ballads.  I like my Lou Reed a rocker, not a crooner.  That being said, I can finally get to my real point, which is what I stumbled upon when finding his rockier songs.  One Media Publishing put out a CD you can listen to on their site fo’ free (maybe not anymore).  This album is amazing.  Period.  What’s on it, you wonder?  How about a live performance right before Transformer came out in ’72 of all its best songs plus the best VU songs done completely rocking out.  Cool? Fuck yeah, cool.  Reed is perfect throughout the entire thing, missing not a beat, strum, or pitch.  His band rocks, he rocks, it ROCKS!  The album is called Satellite of Love and can be bought on iTunes or One Media’s website.  I unfortunately can’t find a full track to share with you, so ugh…

Here’s the link to stream a preview of it though, which you should do like right…… now.  Especially you, Mr. Casablancas.

Lou Reed – Satellite of Love album preview


One response to “Lou Reed’s Satellite of Love

  1. “He is one of my idol’s idols, so that means I must love him with every inch of my being, which I do.”

    hahah I couldn’t have put it better myself!

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