Perfect Songs: Kaki King – “Montreal”

If one were to believe the teachings of Michael Leyton, that all art is simply a conveyance of outward movement (or “emotions” for those out of the loop), then where would music stand?  My opinion on the matter is that, like art, the best music has the power to move a person without trying.  This is dependent on location, time, previous emotion, and any other factor one can think of as well, but I feel a truly great song can break through no matter what the circumstance…

So I was sitting in the park a year ago, just reading my Beatles biography and minding my own business.  I had my iPod on shuffle (forcing it slowly to its own exhaustion from selecting a random song from 30,000 every three minutes) and something amazing happened.  The book dropped from my hands, I leaned up against the tree and played one song on repeat for forty-five minutes straight.

This is probably the most beautiful song I have ever heard, not for elaborate string sections or sad bagpipe sense, but just out of pure synthesis of every part in the song coming together.  It moved me like no song ever had, but I knew immediately that I was in the wrong place.  I needed to be on a train or in a car, completely alone and staring out into some form of nothingness to really feel it.  A lonely sunset or in my bed before sleep could do the trick, but I’d have to time it perfectly.  This song has a way of transporting the listener two thousand miles underwater just to stare at weird fish float by and wonder what they’re thinking.  Well at least that’s the feeling I get…

To really understand this song, I would wait until nighttime at least, and being alone won’t hurt either.  If you must, then listen now, but please close your eyes and have no background sounds invade your world, because it’s about to be blown away…

Kaki King – Montreal

Now don’t get me wrong here, Kaki King is amazing and you should check out her other songs, but this one hit me like a bag of bricks and I needed to tell you.  I’ll do a full post on Kaki sometime soon.  As for “Perfect Songs,” this seems like it could be a weekly thing.  Time will tell!


2 responses to “Perfect Songs: Kaki King – “Montreal”

    I was driving so I didn’t put it on repeat but yeah. she rocks.

    it should be noted that I rarely listen to music on shuffle.

    PS great blog, welcome to my blogroll =)

    PPS your comment was not creepy, I was flattered. so thanks for your kind words and keep doing what you’re doing. it makes us happy, in a weird way.

    • I am happy i flattered instead of creeped, lol. i only listen to shuffle sometimes, and its usually to find great songs removed completely from the context of their albums. sometimes that’s the only way to realize how great a song is just by itself, when it’s not swallowed by the songs around it… anyway, thanks a ton for your praise; this blogging thing is like seriously the best stress relief ever!

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