BLOWING UP: Twin Berlin

With Nostradamus-like precision, I will now predict the future of music…

Twin Berlin are a newish band from Boston, play some really impressive garage rock, and have a definite Strokes-like quality to their sound.  The main difference is singer Matt Lopez who, to be honest, I didn’t like that much at first.  Things changed though, and after realizing it wasn’t Julian Casablancas singing these songs, the catchiness grew on me and I started loving the band for what it is.  They currently have a new single called “Can’t Take, Take, Take” out, which follows up a four song EP and two song single from last year. Together they make for a solid 20 minute listen.

The biggest coincidence Twin Berlin has with The Strokes is how every part of their songs are entertaining, making you want to sing along with not only the lead guitar, but the rhythm and drums as well.  This is not a trait one finds in most bands, and they are now in that small group of artists who know how to make all the parts of a song sing (Say Anything and Hot Hot Heat welcome you with open arms, btw).  Putting that aside, the band still has plenty of room to grow, and it will be interesting to see where they take themselves when they become more comfortable in their sound.  For now, take a listen to one of their songs and look up the rest on the myspaces, cause this band just might BLOW UP.

Twin Berlin – Pretty from the Window


5 responses to “BLOWING UP: Twin Berlin

  1. you have got to be serious, saw them in concert one day in boston and they were terrible. it was a very dull show and very underwhelming. left very disappointed.

    • well I haven’t gotten the chance to see them live yet, but I at least like them recorded. their songs have a swagger, and actually there is a youtube video of them covering Kings of Leon that is pretty great. Look it up! : )

    • this band is for the music, not the fancy-pants facade that bands put on that so many people are used to now-a-days. i saw them in nyc and they fucking rocked it. i prefer solid music to a “show”. i don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but it looks like good ol’ fashion rock n’ roll isn’t it.

  2. maybe it depends on when you saw them.. i caught a show a couple months ago in boston, while they weren’t very interactive w/ the crowd, they sounded great.

    chris, good call on the KOL vid!

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