Ted Leo – The Brutalist Bricks short album review/rant of love

I never liked Ted Leo.  There, I said it.  Wow that feels great; huge weight off my chest.  This picture’s a bit unflattering, but was way too badass to not include.  Ok so now the post…

I never liked Ted Leo until The Brutalist Bricks came out.  Before that, there was something about him that irked me.  I could never quite figure it out, but it was an amalgamation of a)way too long songs, b)a large back catalogue in which I didn’t know where to start, and c)he sounded exactly like The Thermals, who did what he did better in my eyes.  Seriously, I saw The Thermals and Ted Leo backstage at the Pool Parties in Brooklyn a few years ago, and it was like the same band came back to play an encore.  Any way, for the above reasons I simply couldn’t bring myself to like him.  That changed when I heard “The Mighty Sparrow” last November.  That was the first time i heard his true gusto.

Don’t get me wrong, I always wanted to like Ted.  He seemed like a great writer and everyone else loved him.  He even played with Washington Square Park, a friend’s friend’s band who might just blow up.  At that show I literally stood next to him, and I wanted so badly to turn and introduce myself as a fan, but I just wasn’t, which made me upset (though not as upset as when I rode the train with Neil Patrick Harris and was stopped from meeting him by Kelly, who I will hate forever as a result).

I digress, and I’m sorry, but if he ever reads this, I want him to know my true feelings (not Neil, Ted!)

So I knew the man was a genius, and he has finally proved it to me.  The Brutalist Bricks is a perfect pinnacle in an already bright career.  Thirteen songs clocking in around 40 minutes (perfect!) without a dud in the bunch.  There is something awesome in every song, even the faster “hardcore-influenced” ones that I didn’t understand fully at first.  I now know that they needed to be there to complement the other songs, and that took about ten repeat listens to get.  The album itself is a perfect starter album to get into the rest of his catalogue, and I am thankful he made it because now I can go into and album like The Tyranny of Distance knowing what to expect, even if the songs are still all too long…

This is the song I fell in love with, the song that made me see his genius, the song that I play in my head on repeat.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Bottled in Cork

I could write a post on this song alone, for it’s—- actually, I WILL write a post on this song alone, because it is PERFECT.  For now, go tell your bartender that you’re falling in love…


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