Lesser Known Classic Rock Sunday: The Knickerbockers – “Lies”

Weren’t born in 1940?  Missed out on the hippie era, the swingin’ 70s, the relatively horrible 80s, the carpenter jean 90s?  Well you’re in luck and have found the right place…

So if you’re not familiar with them, The Beatles were a relatively popular band back in the day.  They sort of revolutionized popular music, forever changing the landscape that future artists worked with.  Like every great band, there were copycats who took the tried and true formulas of better bands and applied it to their own songs.  These bands were creating new tunes that sounded very similar to the radio staples they were begotten from, but sometimes fell under scrutiny for their obvious influences.

Now, this isn’t to say the “copy songs” weren’t good, it’s just saying they were a little cheap in their origin.  As the first post of my new “lesser known classic rock sundays,” I figured why not start it off with a bang.  So for your listening pleasure, I present to you The Knickerbockers with their hit “Lies” (which is an ironic title, since that was what their song in a way represents).  It is a groovy tune that you cool cats are sure to dig hard, but once again let me reassure you that this is certainly, in no way whatsoever The Beatles.  I swear.  That is not John Lennon on lead vocals, or the backup singers for the Zombies in the prechorus. Srsly…

The Knickerbockers – Lies

Impressive aping, right?


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