Album Review: Rooney – Eureka

If you read what I wrote earlier in the week, you’d understand that I have a strong liking for the band Rooney.  So much is this liking, that I went about redesigning their discography to better suit the image I have of them in my head, while also citing reasons as to why they aren’t as popular as they should be.  Totally pretentious, i know, right?  What I’d like to do now is a quick review of their newest album, Eureka.  This one shouldn’t be as long, I hope.

The new album is, like everybody else says, recorded exceptionally well.  So well, in fact, that you could place it in a different time era.  That’s great for the band, who should be proud of themselves for learning the techniques to accomplish that task.  My college roommate was and is a producer, and the amount of learning that goes into being good at recording is extraordinary.  But, recording aside, “What are the songs like?” you ponder.  The answer is, unfortunately, just average…

There are a few new gems to add to their future greatest hits, but the rest of the album is ultimately a bit boring.  The best songs are “All or Nothing,” “The Hunch,”  “I Don’t Wanna Lose You,” and “You’re What I’m Looking For,” but once again, the band has forgotten the surf rock sound that made them special to begin with.  Instead, they opt for a time warp to a crisp 70s sound that ultimately DOES NOT SUIT THEM.  The best songs are only good because it seems like the band is actually having fun and not trying to write a hit.  Other songs, like the heaviness of “Not In My House,” the blandness of “Stars and Stripes,” and the terrible lyrics of “I Can’t Get Enough” seriously detract from the album’s ability to stand up.  These songs are best heard as background music, and hurt when listened to any differently.  I will say that if “Holding On” was one and a half minutes shorter, it would be an awesome song rather than just becoming boring as it does.

The good news is that their live show is still great, and I’m sure the new songs translate better to a raw stage.  In the end though, all of the clean production seriously weighs heavy on this band.  It really just makes them sound pretty and nice, when the world needs more gritty and fun rock bands.  That’s what they used to be, and that’s what everyone wants them to go back to.  (Tear.)  Anyway, here’s a new track that’s above the rest…

Rooney – I Don’t Wanna Lose You


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