Stolen Songs: Phantom Planet vs. Infant Sorrow

So Get Him to the Greek, which is hopefully still in theaters because it was hysterical, featured a ton of original songs by the “created for the film but actually good” band Infant Sorrow.  These songs were written by a bunch of Brit-pop superstars, including Jarvis Cocker of Pulp fame.  That’s all good and nice, and while the soundtrack to the movie is banging, they accidentally stole a song from one of my favorite bands.  This would be the all powerful Phantom Planet, of course.

The Infant Sorrow song is “Just Say Yes,” and even has a music video.  The Phantom Planet song is “Leave Yourself for Somebody Else” from their latest fantastic album, 2008’s Raise the Dead.  As a side note, I can’t figure out how on earth Phantom Planet are not ridiculously famous.  They are constantly changing and evolving, having now written a hundred songs better than “California” from The O.C. fame.  I am still going to do a long write up on them in the future, so I’ll keep this short.

I don’t believe that “Infant Sorrow” meant to steal this, but they did nonetheless and should apologize or pay royalties.  Anything to get Phantom Planet out of their hiatus!  I’m sure the band members noticed the steal, but I’m confused as to how nobody else did.  When I Googlized it, only one other person on the whole interwebs had noticed other than me.  Whatever, here are the songs!

Infant Sorrow – Just Say Yes

Phantom Planet – Leave Yourself for Somebody Else


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