The Broken West – “Perfect Games”

The Broken West are a band from Los Angeles.  They formed in 2004, have released two albums so far, and are by all accounts “mainstream catchy.”  The song I’m posting is not a great definition of their original sound, though.  The first album they put out, I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On, quite literally sounded like a calmed down New Pornographers with Robert Pollard from Guided by Voices singing.  So by that description, yes, it was as awesome and sunshine-y as it sounds.

The newer album, 2008’s Now or Heaven, finds the band still writing well, but it seems they exchanged the Pornographers’ catalogue for Phoenix’s.  This is an interesting switch for a power pop band, but they pull it off remarkably well, and the album is a solid listen throughout.  They’ve even gravitated towards using more keyboards, and pairing them with that electronic drum set that Phoenix is so fond of.  This, along with “Auctioneer,” are probably the best tracks on the album.  Now go enjoy them on their myspaces!

The Broken West – Perfect Games


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