Change Your Mood Mondays: The Walkmen – “On The Water”

Mondays by definition suck, so get yourself out of that funk with this mood altering track…

The Walkmen, who by nature are a little too weird to ever be mainstream, are a consistently great indie rock band from the New York/Philly area.  They have their fifth original album, Lisbon, out on Sept. 14th, but I thought I’d take this post to show you their power.  That power is their ability to change. your. mood.

The music this band makes, while sometimes closer to the radio-friendly drivel others create (pretentious alert!), is usually garnished with unrelenting arrangements and interesting soundscapes that can directly affect how you are feeling at any given moment.  Much like Sigur Ros or Godspeed! You Black Emperor can create moving instrumental pieces that make your heart speed up, the Walkmen can do the same with a three minute pop song.  Impressed? You should be.

The other thing this band excels at is making albums that have a consistent feel.  Each of their LPs has a distinct quality to it, from the nervousness of Bow+ Arrows to the quiet “nightness” of You & Me.  This is the third track from the latter, and for me it creates a starry night in the middle of nowhere with nothing in front of me, but something quickly coming up from behind.  Feel the same way?

The Walkmen – On the Water

Oh, and I just went ahead and listened to their new single, “Stranded,” which shows off an R&B soul sound they’ve never done before.  Ridiculous…ly Awesome!

Buy their stuff from their myspaces!


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