Bearstronaut – “Shannon”

Ah, electro-pop.  Now this is an interesting genre.  While not really one of my favorites, I can always appreciate the unbridled joy these artists must have when making music.  Come up with something catchy?  Well it’s going in the song.  Done!  Hmm, well I’m sure it’s not that easy, but still.  As for any super fans of the genre, there’s a new gang in town and their name is Bearstronaut (seriously, this is one of the greatest band names I have ever heard)…

Bearstronaut hail from Massachusetts and play a type of music that sounds like a mixture between Passion Pit and Miike Snow, minus the absurd use of falsetto.  It’s cool.  This is music for a party with some open minded friends on a rooftop that inexplicably has a pool.  (Or just a normal party?  Whatever, Ill have my inexplicable rooftop pool one day.)  As for the new single, it is catchy as hell and without a doubt going to be relatively big within the next few months.  Don’t be fooled by the intro, which takes one off guard, and just wait for the chorus.  Then try to get rid of that chorus incessantly repeating in your brain.  Good luck…

Bearstronaut – Shannon (Single Version)

Now go check out their other tunes on their myspaces!  Buy something you greedy pirates!

PS – If you say Bearstronaut three times in a row, the band appears and soundtracks the next hour of your life…


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