The LK – “Tandem Bikes”

Vat is hip-stah?

Since this week featured the first electropop music ever posted here, I figured why not continue the trend?  This song is called “Tandem Bikes,” and is on The LK album Vs. the Snow.  The LK are a duo from Sweden and make very simple, catchy music.  It appears they haven’t done much since this album was released in 2007, though that is probably because one of the band members, Fredrik, is keeping busy with a solo project.  His project is more acoustic and folky.  It’s called Fredrik, go figure.

This song is great because you could put it on anywhere.  It’s a mellow song to bounce along to on the beach, but has enough of o beat to fly at any hip parties you throw.  One may consider this a “jam.”  Enjoy.

The LK – Tandem Bikes

I, this very instant, have decided to post two songs, actually, because I just remembered how amazing this other song is!

The LK – Private Life of a Cat

Don’t call me Romeo… Oh, and buy stuff from their myspaces!


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