BLOWING UP: The Static Jacks

With Nostradumus-like precision, I will now predict the future of music…

The Static Jacks are from New Jersey.  They do not sound like Bruce.  They do not sound like Bon Jovi.  They don’t even sound like the Gaslight Anthem.  They sound ten years older than they are and play an amazing set of pure garage rock.  Overall, it sounds like a more indie rock version of The Strokes and The Hive’s love child, except dancier.  Picture that.  Awesome, right?  Yeah, it totally is.

Vocalist Ian Devaney, guitarists Henry Kaye and Michael Sue-Poi, bassist Spencer Kimmins, and drummer Nick Brennan are from Westfield, NJ, and are slowly gaining steam on the tour circuit, having played with both Tokyo Police Club and Titus Andronicus.  They just finished a tour with the Futureheads, and played a few shows with We Were Promised Jetpacks to boot.  Ian happens to have gone to school with my girlfriend, and was happy to let me know that they have a new video out, which you can see here.  (I wish I could embed, but WordPress won’t let me unless I upgrade.  Sorry!)

Last year, the band released their “debut” EP, Laces.  It is fantastic.  They put out two other EPs before that, but this is the one that really shows their songwriting progress, recording improve (thanks to Andrew Maury), and overall talent shine.  So without further ado, take a listen to the Static Jacks and go brag about how you knew of them before they were big.,,

The Static Jacks – Parties and Friends (and Bullshit) from Laces

The Static Jacks – The Waltz – this one is a bit older, but is so cool that I had to include it.

Two song goodness says what?  Now go be cool and buy things from their myspaces!


One response to “BLOWING UP: The Static Jacks

  1. I love this band.

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