Album Review: Male Bonding – Nothing Hurts

Male Bonding are a punky band from London, and they make some very hooky music.  They just released their first album, Nothing Hurts, on the all-powerful Sub Pop label, and I must say that it is pretty awesome.  Well, awesome if you love the current “surf punk” scene that Wavves, Japandroids, and (to some degree) Harlem have taken by force in the last year.  The biggest thing that really sets Male Bonding apart is indeed their punkness.  They have faster and more aggressive drumming than any other band in the scene, and that definitely helps them stand out from the lot.

As for the songs themselves, there are 13 on the album and they all have something enticing about them.  Whether it be a repeated vocal in “Pirate Key” or a catchy Wavves-like melody in “Year’s Not Long,” every song is justified for being where it is.  As for the surf scene as a whole, the general tendency of these bands is to let the music speak more than the words, which is cool because the feel of their songs radiate a rebelliousness that is hard to come by in modern music.  Their albums are good background music to put on when you want to be productive in a short span, but as for putting on and just listening to for the music itself, I’d say stick with something you can learn all the words to rather than just hum the melody.  I’m not knocking the band, but just voicing my opinion.  I imagine their live show to be killer, if that’s any consolation!

Male Bonding – Year’s Not Long

Go catch a wavve, then buy things from their myspaces!

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