Change You Mood Monday: Suckers – “Easy Chairs”

Mondays by definition suck, so get yourself out of that funk with this mood altering track…

Suckers are from Brooklyn, which is weird because you really don’t find that many bands from Brooklyn anymore.  Seriously, though, they are very good and have earned their place as the East Coast version of Local Natives.  They released a self-titled EP last year, and recently came out with their debut LP, Wild Smile.  The album is great, but my favorite song is still “Easy Chairs” from the EP, because it has the power to change. your. mood.

The song creates a whole world for the band to play around with (and be absurd) in the best of ways.  From the ascending intro to the nonsense lyrics, the joyous group bursts and the background falsetto echoes floating around, Suckers are clearly having fun and want you to come with them.  Floating; that’s what this song is like when you listen to it.  The whole thing is an out of body experience, one big float through the subspace of your daily life.  And sometimes that’s all you really need, a three and a half minute float to break up your day.

Suckers – Easy Chairs

Now go practice your four part harmony while you buy stuff from their myspaces!


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