The amazing Mike Pinto, and why you should know him.

When genres mix, the result is usually terrible music that nobody wants to listen to.  That’s why it’s such a dangerous thing for any artist to attempt.  Sometimes, though,  it works so damn well that a new genre is born from the splicing.  As for the musicians who first put reggae rhythms to rock, god bless ’em because they hit upon something truly magical.  What’s sad is that the people who came after would take this great new genre and look down upon it for being so easily accessible.  That and the brosefs all around the world who solely listened to it and go to only OAR and 311 concerts also don’t do much to authenticate it as amazing music.  This is one of the biggest travesties in modern civilization, and if I could I would change it with my superpowers, but sadly I don’t have any…

Onto the point of my short rant.

Mike Pinto is amazing, and you should be a fan.  I got a tape of his demos in 2006 and actively searched out his music thereafter.  It took me a while to find his other albums, and when I did I wasn’t smart enough to realize their immediate genius.  His songs would pop into my head on occasion and that was that, until one day when a song came on shuffle, completely out of context, and I again was struck by his pure talent.

The music he makes is largely acoustic, only adding a full band after.  That, I believe, is what makes him so good.  When a song can carry itself with no other instruments, you have in your hands something that can only improve.  Of course you shouldn’t overdo it, but well placed drums make almost everything better.  Pinto has since released two full band LPs and one acoustic “best of,” though its not labeled as such.  The sound can be described as a more reggae and fuller Jack Johnson, if he was born with a slightly higher and more nasally voice

“Awesome,” you think.  “Indeed,” I reply (after reading your mind).

So yeah, anyway, here’s a song of his.  You can find more on his myspaces.  Please support him because the world needs more musicians like him, and you know it…

Mike Pinto – Backburner


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