Album Review: The Drums – s/t

I recently got the debut LP from The Drums, and while it isn’t life altering, it is oddly catchy enough that I want to write about it.  The band takes great influence from the 80s, but actually does make it sound pretty modern.  If you couple that with the fact that they really know how to write a three minute pop song, the combination results in a good band playing good music.  The lead singer sounds like Morrisey on the first track, “Best Friend,” but afterwards his voice becomes a bit forgettable.  It fits with the music though, as the album itself is like watching a long sunset on the beach (it’s pretty but you’d rather not be getting eaten alive by mosquitoes).

The biggest concern I have with the music is that, while it’s very catchy, all the songs tend to sound the same.  I really think that a little distortion, even though the band prefers reverb, would benefit some of these songs.  Still, lead single “Let’s Go Surfing” is undeniably awesome anyway, and will probably keep the Drums around for a while.  That’s not such a bad thing because the world needs more sunny melancholic music, even if does sound bland on occasion.  I feel bad now, because I do like this album more than I’m letting on, but I don’t exactly know why.  I think it’s because every song has something like ten stupidly catchy melodies that bury themselves in your head and don’t let go…

One crazy thing I noticed is that the song “Me and the Moon” is a dead ringer for a Strokes song, with its lyrical lead guitar, Is This It era drumbeat, and overall “Casablancas-y” melody.  This could have been a hit single for them, but the reverb doesn’t do it the justice that Albert’s distortion definitely could.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.  (Albert is a guitarist in The Strokes, btw.)

The Drums – Me and the Moon

Now go buy some catchy melodies from their myspaces!


One response to “Album Review: The Drums – s/t

  1. A surprising debut album!
    Here is my review

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