BLOWING UP: Locksley

Locksley are a band from New York, and happen to play what I consider to be the perfect form of rock and roll.  With soaring harmonies, amazing licks, and catchy  melodies, this band is literally poised to explode and take the title of biggest rock band in the world.  Ok maybe not the world, but at least the northeast coast.  They have all the promise and energy of the early Kings of Leon, way before that band decided to follow U2’s footsteps instead of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

I really can’t put into words just how consistent and powerful the songs by Locksley really are.  They are completely infectious in every way and sink into your head with an immediacy that no other acts can match.  The band is constantly having fun on stage, putting on a fantastic live show that features sing-alongs and dancing like you wouldn’t believe.  Their show is what I imagine a Beatles performance would have been like in 1965, before the drugs but after their time in Hamburg.

The Beatles’ influence on Locksley is easy to see, from the basic instruments to the group singing and beyond.  Lead singer Jesse Laz does sound a lot like John Lennon reincarnated, and the structure around him plays just like early British Invasion groups.  They even have a cover of “Here, There” and Everywhere” that is truly stellar.  Why this band is not ten times bigger is a complete mystery to me, but I sure do hope this helps their cause.  I am fighting the urge to not post this, though, for I want to hold onto this group a little bit longer (before every person says they were fans from the beginning and doubts my love of their new favorite band).

While the Strokes are my favorite group, Locksley has already made it into the top ten and are poised to jump up a few more spots with another record.  For now, go to their myspaces, their shows, and their homes to tell them how great they are.  Here’s their single from Be In Love

Locksley – Darling, It’s True


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