Shill – “Pick a Fight”

Google doesn’t have ONE SINGLE PICTURE OF THIS BAND. (Ten kajillion hipster obscurity points for me!)

Sometimes all one really needs is a awesomely good rock song.  It doesn’t matter if the rest of the songs are terrible, or how long you think the band will be around, just how great that one song is.  This is one of those songs.  The band is Shill, you haven’t heard of them, that’s cool, no worries.  The song is “Pick a Fight,” and it makes me want to be startin’ somethin’ like whoa, yo.  Here’s the high and low, so have a go.  Fo’ sho’.

Sorry about that, it’s early for a Saturday…

Shill – Pick a Fight

Oh, and they gots a myspaces. Go buy stuff!

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