Ten Minute Turns – “Aluminum Shine”

Ten Minute Turns are a band from Brooklyn (uncommon, I know), and play a weird form of indie rock.  They aren’t afraid to mix in horns, beats, and electric noises from outer space, but at the heart of everything is indeed still rock.  Personally, I always like a band that isn’t afraid to experiment in the studio, and one that doesn’t even need it is always that much cooler.  The reason for them not gaining more popularity over the last few years is probably from their penchant for experimentation.  As a result of that, it takes a little time to get into their groove.  So a few listens in and they should be peachy keen to your ears…

The song I love so much is from their 2008 release, Leaving Robot City, and is a super catchy slice of electronically helped rockage.  With an addictive verse and soaring chorus, this song fought its way to become a personal favorite that I am now happy to share with you, readers of the interweb.  They have an as-of-yet untitled LP in the works, so if you dig this song, get excited for more of where it came from in the near future!

Ten Minute Turns – Aluminum Shine

Now go purchase their stuff on the myspaces.


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