Deserved Recognition: Rock n Roll Soldiers

(The) Rock n Roll Soldiers are a band from Eugene, Oregon, and play what has been described as “sleazy punk.”  That’s about right, but the punk is more garage rock, and the sleazy has more swagger than sleaze in it.  The band started in 1997 while everyone was in high school, and proceeded to gain some local fame in Oregon (I can’t imagine that being very hard to do).  They eventually got pretty tight and had enough songs to record, so after a bunch of EPs,  they recorded a full length.  It’s a bit long at 15 songs, but it’s still very good and deserving of recognition.

So Many Musicians To Kill came out in 2006 and some songs of its tracks were featured in Smallville and One Tree Hill, but other than that I still haven’t found anybody else who knows how good this band is.  The Soldiers have been on hiatus since 2008, which sucks and you should do something about it by buying things from their myspaces!  This is my favorite song, it’s a stomper, a rocker, and you should love it hardcore…

Rock n Roll Soldiers – Gunz Out


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