Ten Q’s with Twin Berlin!

Here’s a Q&A with Twin Berlin, a band who I firmly believe is going to BLOW UP in the near future.  Check out one of their songs at the bottom, or read what I’ve written already!  Voila!

How do your songs get written?  Is it a collaborative effort or is there a musical mastermind behind it all?
Matt Lopez writes the songs and brings them to the rest of the group.  From there, we work out some minor parts like intros, endings, etc.

What do you think of your Strokes comparisons, and of the Strokes in general?
We only see the comparison to The Strokes as positive. They’re a great band, which is rare these days… and to be compared to the band that according to NME and Rolling Stone saved rock n’ roll feel’s pretty damn good.

As Lopez put it, “Yeah, I know a bit about The Strokes.”

What are your strongest influences that people might not know about? (The influences do not have to be music)

How did you all meet, and who came up with the idea to start a band?
Matt Lopez had a bunch of songs and wanted to get a band going to begin playing out. He met Matt Nelson (lead guitar) through a mutual friend in town and together the two set out to find the other members. Nate Marsden listened to the tracks and joined right away.  All they needed was the drummer, and within a couple months Matt L. met James at a bar in Boston.

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened at one of Twin Berlin’s shows?
Matt Lopez and Nate don’t feel comfortable to share the events that took place in Lancaster, PA at this time.

What superhero would each member be, and why?
Matt L: Spider-man: There’s a picture on a rooftop proving Matt is Spider-man.
James: Mighty Mouse:  James is the shortest of us all and Mighty Mouse is just a straight up badass.
Matt N: Captain America:  Although Matt hates this answer, he is all about the politics.
Nate: Captain Planet:  He’s a vegetarian and the first thing that came to mind was Captain Planet…  we think he’d be good at it.

Was anyone in the band surprised by the way your recordings came out, like for example, did you think you’d end up playing in a different genre or sounding like U2?
We established what kind of band we wanted to be from day one and haven’t let anyone steer us away from that.  We also like to be very involved with the recording process.

What is next for the band?  Are you working on a full length or another EP?
We have a lot of songs recorded (some available to the public, some not) and a lot ready to be recorded.  However, at this moment there are no set plans for a full length as we are still trying to figure out how to release everything we already have done… hell, sometimes we just get bored and decide to throw up a song or two for the hell of it.

Will you re-record any songs for an eventual full length, or will it be composed of all new material?
Depends on when the time comes.  We wouldn’t want the album to be all re-recorded material because where’s the fun in that?  Matt L. is usually writing songs faster than we can afford the studio time, so hopefully we’ll be able to release a full length in the near future.

If possible, would you play music forever?  Or would you grow tired of it eventually?
I think it’s already decided that no matter what career move we may make, music will always play a huge part in each of our lives.

Well, there you have it.  This is a late notice, but Twin Berlin is playing a show tonight at Crash Mansion in NYC and there may be an open bar.  We’ll see you there!

Twin Berlin – All I Need (this song is awesomeness in raw form)


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