Twin Berlin @ Crash Mansion 7/30/10

The computer I’m using in Newark, where I am stranded, won’t let me post a picture.

Wow, Crash Mountain Mansion (it was 7AM when I wrote this, sorry) sucks.  It’s a horrible, evil venue all around, from shitty sound to decievery at every turn, and I’ll most likely never go there again.  That being said, how was the headliner?  Awesome.

I had the pleasure of meeting the entire band throughout the course of the night, and they were happy just to be there.  None of them were worried when another band screwed up the time slots, or how “open bar” somehow translated to only $3 vodka drinks for an hour (stupid venue), Twin Berlin was just there to play and were happy everyone came to see them.  It was also a showcase of sorts, being that labels execs were there to judge them as well.  Luckily for everyone, they nailed the performance and might even soon be signed for all I know.

From the distorted vocals to the endless supply of lead riffs, the band seriously knows what you want to see at a concert.  I was worried because I only watched the band play live on a morning news show for elderly people (five dead, very sad story), and was afraid they might lack the energy for a big stage.  Thankfully, I was completely wrong.

Lead singer/songwriter Matt Lopez put most of the charisma either into the audience or into the blood all over his guitar bridge, which judging by their website, is a relatively common occurence.  The drummer and de facto band manager, James, was also much crazier than I thought he’d be, on the kit that is, not in person.  Nate on bass (catchy!) was everywhere on his instrument and did much more than most bassists do to support their band.  He was even nice enough to grab me a setlist of the show, which had to have a few songs cut out based on some broken guitar strings and a lack of techie help to remedy the problem.  Last, but not least, Matt N. on lead guitar hit every lead and looked to be straight out of a Corey Hart music video.  My only mediocre thought is that he was a statue instead of the rollicking rocker he should be.  More backflips, less Medusa victim, and I wouldn’t see any reason Twin Berlin couldn’t be opening for the Gaslight Anthem or Kings of Leon in the near future.

Now go see this band while I work on a followup with The Rhodes, who were supposed to open, but accidentally closed the show.  They were also very talented, be it in a different way.  More awesomeness is coming your way mad soon, so stick around (bookmark my ass, you know you want to, I can feel it in your thoughts)!

Twin Berlin’s myspaces is where you can purchase their merch, but don’t let anybody know I told you!


10 responses to “Twin Berlin @ Crash Mansion 7/30/10

  1. FYI, it’s crash mansion not mountain. but doesn’t really matte

  2. im not sure...

    im sure you’re a great music reviewer but i cant help but think that you’re 100% off on TB. i saw these people in a boston bar playing, and they were not good. at all. they couldn’t hit the notes, and im pretty sure that half of them were wasted and afterwards, watched as they all acted as if they were the best band in the world. to say the least i was disappointed. perhaps you saw them at a better night, but i left annoyed that i wasted a night. looking forward to more reviews of better bands.

    • ^ Really? A band can’t have an off night? One POSSIBLY bad show in YOUR opinion and they automatically 1. can’t improve 2. are the worst band ever?

      Doesn’t matter who your favorite band is, chances are, they’ve played a bad show. And more often than not, alcohol is to blame.

      Give these kids a break, they seem young and that they are trying to figure all this stuff out but it also seems like they sure as hell know what they’re doing.

      Give them a second chance. I can’t wait to see them live for myself though.

      • im not sure...

        re: come on

        let it be known that i was not the only person that left disappointed. if you wanna listen to a good band, listen to the strokes. TB aspires to be this band, and youre better off just buying a strokes cd. you wont be disappointed! any band that tries to model itself over a moderately successful band won’t go far.

      • seriously, dude, why are you hating on this band so much? unless they’ve done something to you personally, there’s no reason to try and stop people from listening to them. the strokes are my favorite band and i can completely appreciate a band wanting to be like them, but Twin Berlin have their own melodies and style. did you meet them? did they repeatedly thank you for being a fan and making to the show they invited you to? i don’t know, but that doesn’t sound like a band that puts on drunk shows to me. they clearly care about their career and do the best they can.

        as a side note, have you listened to any early rolling stones? it’s almost unrecognizable, being that it’s completely ripped from chuck berry, little richard, and delta blues; aka the main inspirations for the band before they found their own sound. if you want, send me a link to your up and coming band’s website and maybe i’ll write a nice review for some jerk to shit on.

      • “any band that tries to model itself over a moderately successful band won’t go far.”

        thats the most idiotic thing ive ever heard. what band doesnt try to model themselves after an already successful band?
        just curious “im not sure…” after reading these comments, what kind of music / bands do you actually listen to?

  3. Having read your review, I just wanted to add a clarification in the interest of fairness. The opening band was set as Sleep Well, and they did perform at 8PM. The Rhodes were set for 10PM, and Twin Berlin was set for 11PM. The band who was supposed to perform at 9PM [which I will not name], did not take the stage until 9:40PM — after claiming to the sound man that they had been told a later time, and asking The Rhodes to go on EARLY AND GIVE UP the 10PM time slot to them. Meanwhile, their charter bus [with friends/fans] was parked outside. So these guys from Maryland expected everyone, from the bands to the establishment, to cater to them; I know for a fact it affected the entire evening from 9PM on. The closing band never even showed up. Crash Mansion is a great venue — Fearless Music TV [on FOX] tapes their shows there.

    I’m looking forward to see what you have to say about The Rhodes, who graciously played their show after Twin Berlin.

    • The whole time slot mishap was the 9 o’clock band’s fault, but whatever. I just added those details as filler and for pure descriptive purpose. My main concern was making sure I saw Twin Berlin and The Rhodes, and since I did, I don’t really care. As for the venue, though, I really disapprove of their practices. Not only was the sound below par, but they were seedy about the “guest list,” had a ridiculously expensive menu, and also couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of an open bar. Or they most likely use the term to lure people into paying more money. If they were just honest, people would come anyway, albeit be pissed about a $7 corona in a bottle. I know it’s pricey in the city and especially at major venues, but little Crash Mansion shouldn’t be able to get away with it just yet. Even Bowery Ballroon next door isn’t that bad…

  4. Everyone’s fine to have their opinion, i just want to clear up the final band not showing up because it’s unfair for it to affect them negatively. They did cancel ahead of time (the 12 am closer) as one of their members got stuck out in LA. It was known ahead of time that they would not be closing the night and members of the band did show up to support the bill anyway.

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