Lesser Known Classic Rock Sunday: The Stampeders – “Sweet City Woman”

Oh, that’s where Rivers Cuomo got the idea!

This is a really great song from the Great White North.  It was only a minor hit in 1971, but before Jason Mraz and Ben Lee wanted to be yours or catch their disease, The Stampeders churned out one of the most care-free, happy tunes of their time.  “Sweet City Woman” is pure pleasure throughout, with its chimey banjo, memorable solo, and enough la-dee-das to fill a weekly quota.  I’ll probably use this again in the future as a mood-changing Monday song, too.  Until then, enjoy!

The Stampeders – Sweet City Woman


2 responses to “Lesser Known Classic Rock Sunday: The Stampeders – “Sweet City Woman”

  1. Thanks for the review. The original three Stampeders are still touring to sell-out audiences across Canada, having a great time meeting their fans, young and old alike.

  2. Cornelis van Sprang

    Thanks for noticing one of Canada’s finest Rock/Pop trios of then70’s who are still touring Canada annually. I know the guys personally, and they told me they could have had just as many hits in the USA, as they have in Canada. But they were immediately type-cast as a banjo playing pop band, and it seems Uncle Sam was not as interested in their unique ROCK/country style. I would confidently say that they were Canada’s early version of The Eagles.
    But if you don’t believe me, please check out their site in Toronto – http://www.stampeders.net
    Thanks for your interest..

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