The Rhodes = Huge Unexpected Surprise

When I first knew I was going to see Twin Berlin in the city, I was so ecstatic that I didn’t even think about who they’d be playing with.  Eventually, this notion struck me when I realized I would be sitting through a few hours of music until they came on.  Ugh, I thought.  So, like all good concert-goers, I peeked at the other bands and opened them all up on ze myspaces.  Anguish over came me immediately.  “None of these bands are in the same league,” I exclaimed!  But wait a second, do I hear promise?

I did hear promise, and it came from a band called The Rhodes.  They currently hail from upstate New York, and have (as far as I know) released a debut LP, Modern Sounds of Northern Towns, an acoustic EP, and a double single.  I was completely blown away when they played live, as their recordings simply don’t translate their brilliance.  They all sing and play instruments, and after hearing them and talking with frontman center-stage man Derek about doing a feature, he asked me to lay off the Beatles comparisons.  Honestly, they have the aura of that obscure band about them, but little more.  A careful listener can easily tell that this band has much more soul to it, of course not detracting anything from the Beatles, but really adding to the Rhodes overall sound.

Their music has a very danceable quality, and the early rock influence is present everywhere, but in the end it all comes off as very modern.  The biggest issue I have with the band is not their live show (which was great), not their songs (which are fun), but once again, the way they are recorded and come across when they aen’t playing in front of you.  The energy this band displays on stage is somehow lost in translation, and that is like losing your ticket to Disneyland, for you know it’s amazing there but you won’t be able to get in anytime soon.  If you don’t accidentally see the Rhodes, as I did, then you can’t understand just how good they are.  Their next step is finding the right person to record them, or having the head of a label accidentally see them sometime in the near future.  Here’s the song I believe best translates their sound into your eager ears.  Enjoy!

The Rhodes – You’ve Got To Do

They bring the rock, so roll over to their myspaces and buy something, kids!


One response to “The Rhodes = Huge Unexpected Surprise

  1. Nice review — and nice that you stayed to hear them.

    FYI — They were the winners @ M.E.A.N.Y. Fest last December.

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