Deserved Recognition: The Snake the Cross the Crown

The Snake the Cross the Crown are a band from Alabama that used to play indie rock that leaned on a post-rock sound.  I never liked them all too much, but was pleasantly surprised when they completely changed their sound and released Cotton Teeth in 2007.  This album is pure folky americana, and sounds like the Avett Brothers and Birdmonster had an illegitimate love child, who then got caught kissing his cousin Blitzen Trapper (haha southern stereotypes, sorry!).

Anyway, the whole album is very good and I’m angry it didn’t give the band some credit that they clearly earned.  It probably has to do with a distraught original fan base or some other BS, but I want the band to know that they have a fan in me, and that won’t ever change.  Here’s the best song on the LP, well, in my opinion.  Enjoy!

The Snake the Cross the Crown – The Great American Smokeout

If you like it go buy their stuff at ze myspaces!

birdmonster avett brothers


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