Deserved Recognition: The Films

So the Films are simply awesome.  I don’t want to write too much about them, as you should be listening by now, but here are a few thoughts…

1. Their 2007 debut LP, Don’t Dance Rattlesnake, is one of my favorite albums ever and should have catapulted them to stardom.

2. Their 2009 album, Oh Scorpio, is also very good, but is a grower.  I now love it, but only after like ten listens.

3. The debut is a perfect breakup/hate the world kinda album, while the second one is much lighter in tone.

4. They play garage rock, and sound a bit like Locksley mixed with the Arctic Monkeys.

5. The Mooney Suzuki could have evolved into this band after a few more albums.

Ok, there you go!  The band is from South Carolina, by the way, so if you see them say “hello” for me…

The Films – Belt Loops

Buy things from their myspaces!!


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