Album Review: Hot Hot Heat – Future Breeds

Wow, I knew Hot Hot Heat were weird, but I had no idea they could go this far with it.  Their new album, Future Breeds, is a complete departure from their attempts at conquering the mainstream on Happiness LTD. and, to a lesser extent, Elevator.  This new LP completely follows the bands whim, with no label pressure to conform or be molded in any way.  Structure gets thrown out the window on some songs, but they still manage to work, and the clear amount of time that was put into making this is quite evident a few tracks in.

Standout tracks for me include “YVR,” “21@12,” “Implosionatic,” “Goddess on the Prairie,” and “JFK’s LSD.”  The rest of the songs are also great (though I do think they could have used “Times a Thousand” as a b-side) and fill out the album nicely.  Also, the sax? in “Zero Results” is badass as heck and the siren guitar tones all over the album are unlike anything I’ve ever heard.  This album is one of the most oddly accessible records to come out in a while, and really brings Hot Hot Heat back to the weird rhythms and dance moves they abandoned for Mtv fame a few years ago.  Overall, it is a welcome return to form after their last slightly tepid release.

Here’s a song I hated at first, until it bonded with my subconscious…

Hot Hot Heat – YVR

Go buy this album from myspaces!


One response to “Album Review: Hot Hot Heat – Future Breeds

  1. Another new new blog for music reviews, huh? Not complaining, just hope it will last long cos I would like to read further. Hoping the fresh content will get posted more often than not. Keep it up!

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