Change Your Mood Monday: Akron/Family – “Don’t Be Afraid, You’re Already Dead”

Mondays by definition suck, so get yourself out of that funk with this mood altering track…

Wow, this song is beautiful.  It is pure poetry, simple yet elegant, with the harmony to carry it to another level.  For me, it doesn’t have enough to be perfect, but it has enough to change your mood.  Akron/Family need no introduction, as they’ve earned their fame over the years, even if it isn’t enough for what the band deserves.  It seems that they’re okay with that though.  Their music is a bit weird sometimes and they never feel the need to restrain it, which is enviable to a large extent. While that fact keeps their popularity in check, it says something else when they can find the nerve to record the simplest of songs to add to their catalouge…

The song in observation is slow, doesn’t build up too much, and has lyrics that could be written by a five year old.  And it is so profound that even the biggest hipster alive couldn’t complain about it.  It hits a chord that makes you stop and think while you listen to its soaring harmonies and let the sad-to-melancholy atmosphere engross you.  Take a listen, it will make yu happy in an odd way…

Akron/Family – Don’t Be Afraid, You’re Already Dead

Go buy some recent releases from their myspaces!


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