Deserved Recognition: The Sleepy Jackson

I heart this band.  One of the reasons for my hearting is that I feel like I’m the only person in the world who knows of them.  Well, myself and all of Australia, that is.  The band seems to have gotten huge over there, while struggling to make a name for themselves elsewhere.  It helps that it’s their home country and all, but they are really talented and more people should know them here.

The band people do know in the US is Empire of the Sun, who, for some reason, have caught on more than The Sleepy Jackson.  But guess what!  They have the same lead singer, Luke Steele, and Empire is really just a side-project of his.  All things aside though, the Sleepy Jackson have a crazy sound and cover a wide variety of genres, from country and garage rock to disco and electronica.  They keep it together with Steele’s signature vocals and main songwriter duties, but the band has had a ton of temporary members at this point, which probably accounts for a the stylistic differences.

TSJ have released a bunch of EPs and two LPs, with the last out in 2006.  Hopefully they’ll get back to it soon, but for now I just wanted to spread the word on how great I think they are.  Here’s my favorite song, and I’d say it’s probably their biggest “rocker.”  Enjoy!

The Sleepy Jackson – Vampire Racecourse

Go buy things from their myspaces!  On a side note, Luke Steele totally looks like somebody put Mark Wahlberg and Val Kilmer in a blender, added a touch of Asian heritage, and pressed liquefy.  Just sayin’…


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