State Radio – “The Diner Song”

So I don’t usually write about frat rock, but I won’t lie when I say that I do indeed enjoy it.  I’ve been listening to Dave Matthews and Co. for years now, and while I don’t approve of the drunken brothers who marvel and delight in his infinite wisdom, the genre itself shouldn’t be cast away simply because the next generation will be conceived to the sound of “Ants Marching.”  The music itself is often inventive, smart, simple, and above all else fun for all who aren’t too cool to say they listen to it.  While Dave lead the way, his contemporaries took the formula and ran with it.

OAR and Dispatch were the biggest acts to rival his popularity, and while my friends’ beloved OAR has now transformed into non-listenable adult alternative garbage, Dispatch had the foresight to split up before approaching that moment.  Out of Dispatch came State Radio, a band who shares most of its tendencies, and fills the gap left by the “someday legendary” band pretty well.  On SR’s first album, they revisited a track from an earlier EP and made it better by letting it build up slowly.  It’s an ode to late nights, casual sex, and the east coast’s diners that, being from New Jersey, I am thankful for every single day of my life.  Enjoy!

State Radio – The Diner Song

Go buy things from ze myspaces, you frat boys!


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