Lesser Known Classic Rock Sunday: The Swinging Blue Jeans – “Hippy Hippy Shake”

Weren’t born in 1940?  Missed out on the hippie era, the swingin’ 70s, the relatively horrible 80s, the carpenter jean 90s?  Well you’re in luck…

Ok, so the Beatles were a little known band from the 60s that went on to influence a bunch of stuff and whatever.  As a result, many other artists immediately jumped on their tails and started aping their style.  The Swinging Blue Jeans were one of these bands, but, as I’ve said before, it doesn’t mean that the music was necassarily bad.  It was just heavily influenced.

Anyway, this is one of their biggest songs, which happened to be recorded by the Beatles first, but since it wasn’t released, the Blue Jeans got their very own hit before fading from the spotlight.  Here’s the tune, so you best start shakin’…

The Swinging Blue Jeans – Hippy Hippy Shake


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