As Good as Arcade Fire: The Polyphonic Spree – “Get Up and Go”

Most people know a little about the Polyphonic Spree.  They are either a band or a cult, they dress the same, have a bunch of musicians, and blah blah blah…  The end result is that lead singer and mastermind Tim DeLaughter is a musical genius and writes some great songs.  The songs he composes would resonate if played by a five member rock band, but I think he likes the experience of having a choir and makeshift orchestra behind him, as it adds a layer that a normal band can’t usually reach (even Arcade Fire plays with like ten people).

The Spree, actually, are a lot like Arcade Fire.  In some ways, I think they are even better.  They have a hope in their songs that the Fire takes a while to find.  Now, they took the approach the latter took to get in the mainstream, and lost the unification thing, they could have been playing MSG and closing Outside Lands last week.

The Spree’s last album, The Fragile Army, is a solid experience throughout.  It didn’t do well because I believe people think of the band only for songs like “Light and Day” and sunshiney goodness.  This latest album isn’t the case, for it’s more rocking than half of what’s on the radio.

Don’t believe me?

The Polyphonic Spree – Get Up and Go

On a side note, I would see this band live if you can.  They put on a show that is reminiscent of the Flaming Lips, plus they have a stellar cover of “Live and Let Die” that they bust out on occasion.  Buy things from their myspaces!  Whoo!


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