BLOWING UP: Funeral Party

With Nostradumus-like precision, I will now predict the future of music…

So I was perusing NME’s top fifty new bands and came across Funeral Party, and the name struck a bell.  I listened to the song posted and was immediately taken back to a few months ago when I saw Julian Casablancas’ solo tour.  They opened, and because of Julian, I completely forgot how good they were.  The band is from LA and have a more rocking Rapture thing going on, but personally make me think of Death From Above 1979.  They are also incredibly driving, and if you don’t move to their songs then there might be something wrong with you (see a doctor!).

Their debut LP is apparently very confusing for the Interweb, because there are two possible release dates.  It will either be released on August 30th and be called Golden Age of Knowhere or come out in January 2011 as Golden Age of Nowhere.  It could also be Golden Age of Knowledge.  I think the band should clear this up, but probably put it out sooner, being that I think I already have most of it.  Silly Interweb, music if for free!

You should be a fan of this band because they are going to be huge, and don’t you wanna be the guy/gal who got your friends into it?  Yeah, you do.

Funeral Party – Finale

The band has a myspaces you can buy stuff from!


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