Reed KD – “Sinking Stone”

Reed KD sounds like Elliot Smith.  He’s also just as talented  as Elliot Smith, though I know that might be heresy for some to hear.  If you like Smith but aren’t so eager to listen to his pure melancholy, then Reed KD is right up your alley.  He sings much more upbeat and lighthearted songs, even if he still has a sad tone to his voice.  It’s nice, trust me…

I only have his 2006 debut, The Ashes Bloom, but he came out with a new album last year called In Case the Comet Comes.  I’m sure it’s just as good as his earlier work, and while I’m impressed by his alliteration, my favorite song is still this one below.  Enjoy and go buy things from the myspaces!

Reed KD – Sinking Stone


One response to “Reed KD – “Sinking Stone”

  1. I feel like this is similar to Elliot Smith but a little less sophisticated. By this I do not mean to say “not as good”. Just a bit less mature.

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