Sugarplum Fairy – “She”

Sugarplum Fairy have a pretty girly name (even if it’s from a Beatles line).  The name is probably fine in Sweden, where they’re from, but here it sounds a bit odd.  Of course, this doesn’t detract from their music whatsoever, which is a solid garage rock in the likes of the Beatles and one of my much touted faves Locksley.  Some songs even have a distinct Libertines vibe going down, which is equally awesome.

The band has three albums from ’04, ’06, and ’08, and this song is from First Round, First Minute, their middle effort.  I highly recommend this album, and wish it got more exposure here in los estados unidos.  There’s always next time, though, and sticking with the trend it should be this year! (Fun fact: the singers in SPF are brothers with the singer of Mando Diao.)  Enjoy the song, punks!

Sugarplum Fairy – She

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