Ten Q’s with Locksley!

Locksley, who are gonna BLOW UP any day now, were kind enough to do an interview for the site.  Here’s what they had to say!

How do your songs get written?  Is it a collaborative effort or is there a musical mastermind behind it all?

We have three songwriters, so everybody comes in with songs which we arrange together. We have a couple of new songs though that we actually wrote as a group. Turned out surprisingly well, I think.

Obviously, there’s a strong Beatles influence in the band’s songs.  What do you think of the comparison, and do you ever try to steer away from it?  (It seems hard to deny the sounds of the most important band of all time.)

We love that we sound like the beatles, same as we’d love it if we were a basketball player that people compared to michael jordan. We’re very conscious not to rip off anything exactly though. We rip off other people exactly but never the beatles.

Your new album, “Be In Love,” doesn’t sound exactly like your first album.  Instead, It seems to be a bit more toned down (though still just as catchy).  Was that a deliberate decision or did the songs just come out however they came out?

I guess that’s just how it turned out.

What are your strongest influences that people might not know about? (The influences do not have to be music, but can be if you want.)

There are a lot. I’ll just mention a few that If you listen for it you’d hear: new York dolls, Richard hell, Tommy Dorsey and Benny goodman.

How did you all meet, and who came up with the idea to start a band?

Jesse and Jordan are brothers and Jesse and Sam and Kai all went to high school together.

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened at a Locksley show? (I hope you’re all aware that you put on one of the best live shows in the country, by the way…)
We saw a guy get torn apart and eaten at our last Tokyo show. It was awesome. And thank you for the accolade.

What superhero would each member be, and why?

Sam – Superman. Kryptonite ain’t real.
Jordan – Spiderman. He’s got great skin
Kai – Flashman. He’s great with the ladies
Jesse – Phoenix. Why should existence exist?

Was anyone in the band surprised by the way your recordings came out, like for example, did you think you’d end up playing in a different genre or sounding like U2?

We’re pretty hands-on, and have a say in the recording process from day one, so you know the basic sonic landscape your songs are occupying, but I’m always pleasantly surprised by what our results are.

What is next for the band?  Are you working on a third full length or another EP anytime soon?

We’re currently in the process of arranging a bunch of new stuff, we’re not sure yet what we’re going to do.  I think we’re leaning towards an ep, but we’re weighing our options.

If possible, would you guys play music forever?  Or would you grow tired of it eventually?

I think one can play music forever, but I’d like to branch out into other endeavors at some point. If they ask us, we’d say yes to being the first band in outer space in 2035.

Bonus Question!: Who would win in a fight, a sloth or a koala?  Why?

Koala, they’re poisonous barbs are not to be trifled with.

Thanks for the interview, guys!

Here’s a track for the faithful readers!

Locksley – Here There (Beatles cover)

Of course you should go buy things from their myspaces, why would you even ask?


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