BLOWING UP: Washington Square Park

Ok, so I’ve been wanting to write about WSP for a while now, but wanted to wait until the site got a bit more popular (It has!) (Slightly…).  I would have done it Friday, but had other things to worry about at that time, so sorry!

Anyway, Washington Square Park are what you’d call a pop-punk band, but this one’s a bit different.  I know you know my general feelings toward the pop-punk scene, but like I’ve said about Forever the Sickest Kids, WSP knows how to have so much fun with their music that it doesn’t matter what I think because everybody’s having a great time.  People compare the band’s sound to the Movielife, but since I can’t remember what they sound like, nor have the energy to look them up, I can just agree for the hell of it.

The sound the band has has less to do with the point than their general aesthetic.  Max Rauch is the mastermind behind it all and if he plays his cards right, could end up as the next Max Bemis, only hopefully with a little of the crazy gene, not all of it!  Max Bemis, if you didn’t know, leads Say Anything (a personal fave).  SA are, in a way, very similar to WSP.  This is based purely on how both bands function.  They both throw a fun as hell show with a looney frontman who doesn’t care if it all goes to hell, because he’s trying his best, god damnit!  That’s usually enough for any fan to make it out and see them, but it’s not the only reason.

WSP has songs, that like Say Anything, range from beautiful (“You Are the Sun”) to downright insane (“Ladders”) and cover topics about death, love (of women), going nuts, and getting over it.  That’s pretty cool, as a lot of bands can’t write anything but a pining love song to an imaginary girl.  Trying not to ramble, though, the band just released it’s first self-titled album in June, and after recently touring the east coast, is conquering the rest of the country during September.  Here’s my favorite song so far, so enjoy it, or else I’ll smite your ass…

Washington Square Park – Full and Through

Of course, the myspaces is where you buy things.  As a last note, I have a few recommendations for the band:While the show is awesome because it’s dirty and fun and you’re in the crowd, when you BLOW UP you will be expected to play bigger venues.  The audience won’t be right there, but instead will be in the back just listening.  While this is good for your career, it’s bad for your aesthetic.

The show, after seeing it a few times, has too much noise and not enough of the band translating the songs closer to the album’s sound.  If somebody hasn’t seen you and just heard the album, they wanna hear their favorite song and hum along to every melody, not scream!  They don’t care how many instruments get broken at the end or if Max has a concussion or not.  They heard their favorite song, it rocked, and that’s all that matters.  No offense, because in a basement, you always kill it.  But you knew that, didn’t you…

Lastly, really try and get that harmony heard if you can.  It’s one of the reasons I like the album so much, but in the live setting I miss it… a lot!  Ralph Nicastro made the album sound great, and the band needs to live up to it’s awesomeness.  Don’t think you don’t already, but be awesomer than awesome, cuz that’d be seriously awesome awesomeness.  That’s it!


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