Perfect Song Thursday: We The They – “Pastures”

I’m writing this because I’m angry.  We The They came out with one of the best songs I’ve ever heard this past decade, and as of right now I can’t figure out where they are, what they’re doing, and if/when the LP they were recording will ever come out.  Of course, this does nothing to take away from the song itself.  It’s from The Shabby Road Sessions, an EP which the band released in 2009.

“Pastures” is a pop gem unlike most others, and not only should it have been on the radio, but it should have made the band itself famous. It kind of sounds like a Birdmonster song, but with better production and pitch perfect vocals (and melodic background vocals, too).  Even the structure is exciting, as the song doesn’t go where you think it will and relies on some great solos to fill in the empty gaps.  There’s a folky breakdown that goes into a buildup and makes the “Pastures” feel like it could go on for another few minutes, and honestly I wouldn’t mind if it did.  It’s so damn good!!!!

We The They should have BLOWN UP, but they didn’t.  It probably has to do with their almost unsearchable name, which makes finding information on them difficult at best.  For now, enjoy the song and if you can, look up the video for it, which is just as good as the song itself…

We The They – Pastures

Here’s the relatively defunct mypace, so buy something and maybe you’ll hear more from this amazing group.  Hopefully it’s sooner than you and I both think…


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