BLOWING UP: Telekinesis

With Nostradumus-like precision, I will now predict the future of music…

Yes, I realize I’m a bit (only a year!) late with this, but Telekinesis makes the music I secretly want to make.  It is all the work of Michael Benjamin Lerner, and since Music Induced Euphoria and Stereogum turned me onto him last year, he’s quickly grown to be a personal favorite.  This favoritism stems from his band releasing what I believe to be a perfect album.  Their 2009 self-titled (+!) debut is full of sunny pop songs that use the guise of rock to wriggle their way into your head and stay there pretty much indefinitely…

These last few weeks saw the release of a new EP, Parallel Seismic Conspiracies, but it’s really just a teaser for the band’s new album coming out next year.  I figured this would be a nice little promotion for a band I really enjoy, and hopefully inspire some more people to get out and see them.  Just for fun though, here’s my thoughts on a few songs from the first record:Rust – The lyrics are so good!  They seem cheesy, but he makes them sound so humble and heartfelt that I can’t help but believe him.

Coast of Carolina – A standout that uses the trick of having every part be catchy, and when the song explodes after the intro I get a little tingly (hmm…).

Tokyo – One of the rockers, and it really surprises me when it goes to the solo instead of the second verse.

Foreign Room – This song is awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that I put it down below for you to listen to.  It, like CoC, builds and explodes.

All of a Sudden – My favorite song on the album.  The Strokes could rock this, and if they’re listening, should really consider the cover potential.

There, that’s enough blabbering for now.  I might talk about the EP on another day, but at this moment in time you should be clicking this link:

Telekinesis – Foreign Room

Followed by this link to help out the band by buying their stuffs: ze myspaces!


One response to “BLOWING UP: Telekinesis

  1. it is a perfect album! that’s why I put it as #1 on my best of 2009 list

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