BLOWING UP: Dinosaur Pile-Up

With Nostradumus-like precision, I will now predict the future of music…

It’s official.  The first obvious band of the 90s alt. rock revival is Dinosaur Pile-Up, and they are pretty damn awesome.  They sound like they could have been one of the bands that came in after Nirvana exploded (pun intended) and Weezer gained some steam, so they definitely have some old contemporaries (oxymoron?).  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a shot, though, because the music itself is pretty justified.  Think Harvey Danger meets the Foo Fighters and you’ll be right as rain, loves.  Enjoy the tune!

Dinosaur Pile-Up – My Rock and Roll

The UK band has their debut album, Growing Pains, coming out on Oct. 4th.  Check it out/buy it from their myspaces!

As a final note, I really wanted to post the new single, Mona Lisa, as it’s a better show of the band’s sound.  You can watch the video here, or on the myspace^^^.


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