Harlem Shakes – “A Night”

Oh the Harlem Shakes, the band that broke up at its prime and never looked back.  PASTE wants them together again.  I want them together again.  The world wants them back, period. It probs won’t happen, but we can reminisce, can’t we?

Most people who know the NY band have their debut, Technicolor Health.  Some more hardcore fans have their demos and EP.  Within these latter releases is the magic of the Shakes, because let’s be honest and say that they indeed did drop the ball just a bit on the LP.  Too much sheen, not enough groove, and they changed my favorite song into something not quite as good…

I forgive them for it, but at least I’ll always have those demos to fall back on.  Segue into the notion that before there was “Sunlight,” there was “A Night”.  Enjoy!

Harlem Shakes – A Night

Support the ex-band at their myspaces and maybe some money will go towards the next sure-to-be-excellent- ARMS album!


5 responses to “Harlem Shakes – “A Night”

  1. is there anywhere to find these demos?

  2. Hey, I have the second demo but where to find the first?

  3. Hiya, I’ve had no luck finding these demos either! I’ll leave my email just in case!

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