Molotov Jive is The Gaslight Anthem of Sweden, also might be BLOWING UP

Molotov Jive has been around since 2003 and have released two albums, with the first sounding like the Beatles making garage rock, and the second sounding almost exactly like the Gaslight Anthem. So pretty much Swedish Locksley to Swedish Gaslight over the course of a few years.  It’s all sounds good though, so who cares…

Songs for the Fallen Apart came out in 2009, and does a nice job of taking the Springsteen sound oversees for a modern makeover.  The songs are anthem-like, catchy, and overall pretty fun, so here’s some deserved recognition for the band.  Hope it helps in some small way, guys!

Molotov Jive – Paint the City Black

Support the band at their myspaces, while I go make myself a White Russian (Not very Swedish of me, now is it?)…

There we go!


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