The Tragedy of Infinite Detour

Every once in a while we lose a good band.  A band that had been consistently great in categories across the board, but were forced to dissolve before their time.  The band members were fun.  The songs were spectacular.  They were recorded perfectly (twice!), and their live show was insane while also being completely captivating.  The reggae band Infinite Detour was two excellent lead singer/songwriters, one groovy bassist, a psychotic drummer, and hell they even had a bongo player at one point.  They were a great fucking band and they broke up last year…

I know what you’re thinking.  “Chris, why would you write about a band that broke up a while ago, aren’t putting out music, and don’t even have a show to go to?”  Well, I’m writing this because they were my friends, they were one of the better bands I’ve seen, they deserved to BLOW UP, and most importantly, they gave me inspiration to pursue music despite great odds.  Being that I started my adult career today, they are the band I came home to listen to tonight.  They were the only band from New Brunswick that deserved to go anywhere, and believe me when I say there are plenty of bands from that town that deserve to be forcefully disbanded (Screaming Females for one?)…

Ok, no more rant, here are facts.  Infinite Detour was Rob, Sonni, Steve, Poochie (after Hawaiian Joe left to go to Hawaii), and sometimes Eugene.  They put out two great albums, Pterodactyl Knife Fight in 2008 and On We Go in 2009, the first being recorded by the one and only Ralph Nicastro of White Heat Recording studios in Fairfield, NJ.  The second album was recorded by Pete Andrews of Submergent Studios and is currently on iTunes.  You can get there from their myspace,  probably definitely.

I want to give you a good taste of what you missed, so here’s a double stuffing of musical goodness followed by a video link.  Good job, Earth, for you let this band slip through the cracks…

Infinite Detour – I Won’t

Infinite Detour – Birthday Song

The video for “Traveling On” is on Vimeo.


3 responses to “The Tragedy of Infinite Detour

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  2. I heard Infinite Detour’s 3 song EP thanks to a friend today and it was amazing! So sad to hear they’re disbanded. I must disagree with you slagging the Screaming Females though, they’re a great and hardworking band that deserves their break more than many. Definitely not for everyone and not as accessible as Detour but still quite impressive. Just my two cents 🙂

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