Weezer – “Where’s My Sex?” and Thoughts on their B(r)and

So Weezer keeps putting out albums, each one successfully changing the sound their fans fell in love with on their first two (or four, depending on who you talk to).  As a result of this, different people have given different amounts of backlash depending on how far up the pop meter the band has strayed.  Their new album Hurley is good, but once again too long to keep my interest all the way through.  The best song I’ve heard is “Where’s My Sex?” because it truly sounds like it could be from an imaginary EP between their first two albums, and that is an awesome thing indeed.  The track is down at the bottom, but I wanted to just put some thoughts out there first.  If you read it, it will make me happy, and I’d love to hear your comments on it.  If not, enjoy the song! (segue!)

My take on the band is that I respect them for trying something new not only on all album, but still keeping their fan base hopeful and eager to come back for another possible Blue Album, each and every time.  The problem with this is that it would be impossible for them to recreate what many now consider a classic debut.  This is the ultimate failure of any good band, for when the fans want you to give them a second helping of something, you can’t possibly deliver it without seeming uncreative.  Once you’re uncreative, the fans want something different, but just a little different, or else you’re back to square one.  This is why I ultimately respect Weezer, for not giving into their fans wants, but still doing enough to keep them interested and coming to shows…

Having respect for the band is much different than actually liking what the band does, though.  I haven’t really enjoyed a Weezer album since the Green album in truth, but this doesn’t mean I’m no longer a fan.  I realize, as should you, that Weezer was one of the first bands to discover that singles and ringtones were the way of the future.  Yes, that pains me to say it, but as much as I love albums, I agree with the band in their decisions and do believe it was planned all along…
The place Weezer entered most peoples’ lives was when they were teens.  They were angst-y and rebellious, but sang from the heart of a nerdy kid, which is something Rivers Cuomo has never denied.  In actuality, it was this geekdom the band so embraced that got them their fame.  Their place in popular music was for the unpopular kid to come home, after hearing Third Eye Blind and Everclear all day, and put on something that really related to him.  This worked great, but eventually, too many people related to the band and they exploded with popularity. The frat boys started listening, the 12 year old girls started showing up at shows, and the geeks that had a favorite band were now the minority, and they weren’t happy about it.

Weezer countered this the first time it happened by releasing Pinkerton, which had no true singles and aimed to give the band back to their original fans.  It worked decently, but soon the band was back to making the pop rock the rest of the world wanted from them.  The fact that Pinkerton was despised at first, but is now hailed as amazing, is clue to how far the band has sunk over the years.  Well, they’ve sunk for the people who were there from the beginning.  As for everyone else, the band is still at the top of their game, selling out shows around the country based on their incredible singles and unemployed blue collar aesthetic.

Still, their fans are kept relatively happy because the non-singles are close enough to classic Weezer that the hardcore fans can still enjoy them, while the singles are clearly for everyone else.  This has led to a clear distinction between the two entities, and as a result every new album is incredibly inconsistent.  The songs don’t flow together because they were created for different audiences, and while Pitchfork mocks the band for selling out on their newer releases, the band has the world at their fingertips time and time again, so can you blame them for what they’re doing?

As promised, a song:

Weezer – Where’s My Sex?

Support the band at their myspace, and I’ll go back to my full time job now…

PS – Listening to Pavement today, I realized they have a decent amount in common with Weezer.  Weird, right Meg?


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