Bound Stems – “Western Biographic”

It’s interesting that people as a whole never really learn the entire story of a band unless they actively pursue it.  I make a conscious effort to find out every detail on artists I start to love, so it shocks me when friends don’t know basic information about their favorite bands.  If I know more about a band than you do, and I don’t even like the band that much, well what does that say about your love of the group?  That’s just something that’s been on my mind, but it applies to my post, which begins… NOW!

I just found out Bound Stems broke up.  They’ve been on my iPod for years, but I’ve only listened to them a few times and never gave them much thought.  This might be a direct correlation with the fact that I honestly hate their first album.  Math rock is not something I ever really enjoy, or truthfully even understand.  After going through and deleting all but one song from that album, I decided it would be nice of me to at least browse the second one…

After listening to The Family Afloat, I must admit that it is indeed pretty great.  I searched through some reviews, with everybody saying that the band really honed their technique on this album, and I couldn’t agree more.  The scattershot-ness of their debut, Appreciation Night, is gone and replaced with competent, interesting songs.  It’s still a bit math-y, but completely tolerable at the same time.  I like this album a good deal, and therefore I’d love to share a song with you.  Back to what I was saying earlier, though, I never researched this band until this morning and it saddened me to find that they broke up in 2008.  On top of that, I missed them live and that’s just disappointing.  So I’m sorry, Bound Stems, I really am!

This is the song I love from their first album, and it is very much worth your time…

Bound Stems – Western Biographic

Support the band’s new project, Like Pioneers, at their myspace!


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