Hysterics – “Uptight Staircase”

Hysterics were/maybe still are a heavily Beatles-influenced rock band from Brooklyn and put out one self-titled album of great pop-rock a few years ago.  The band’s biggest thing was that they were so young, all being around seventeen at the time.  They without a doubt had a wisdom beyond their years, and the music they created was pretty much a mix of the previously mentioned band and the Shins, with a bit of psychedelia thrown in for good measure.  If that doesn’t sound awesome then I don’t know what does…

Hysterics – Uptight Staircase

Listen to more music at their myspace and buy the album!

I’m trying to keep up with posts, but the real world is not easy to deal with everyday…


5 responses to “Hysterics – “Uptight Staircase”

  1. hey man! my name’s oliver, i wrote uptight staircase..it’s crazy to see people still posting things about us. and i really appreciate it. hysterics was ripped asunder sometime ca. 2008, we factioned off, josh and i are now doing Ghost Pal which is a kind of paranormal psychedelic soul thing i’ve been wanting to do for a long time (http://ghostpal.bandcamp.com) and Charlie has his band called the Americans
    i hope you’ dig some of our continued output and i’ll and thanks agin

    • Holy crap I’m so glad you got in touch! I was blown away when I heard you guys in high school, as I was also in school and couldn’t believe there were people my age making music that sounded so damn good. Im happy to be keeping the Hysterics legacy alive, and if you ever want me to post something on Ghost Pal, just let me know!

  2. Hey Chris!
    honestly i’d be hugely excited if you wanted to post something on Ghost Pal, we’re still getting our train up and running as a sort of half-collective recording project, half loud fun band…it’s totally your prerogative whether you hear anything you want to post about, but i’m trying to go at a steady clip now of a new Ghost Pal track up each week….thanks for your response man , once again it’s so appreciated and i hope you’re well

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