The Rifles – “Romeo and Julie”

It’s funny how a band can achieve success in their own country but make no leap into the charts of others.  I guess that’s where I come in!  The Rifles are a band from London that formed in 2004 and have released two albums.  While I don’t have the first, No Love Lost, I just stumbled onto the second and it turned out to be pretty good.  Great Escape came out in 2009 and has more than a few great songs on it…

The one problem I find with the band is that their production has that “modern English rock” sound to it.  I don’t want to be mean, but that sound really grates on me after a few songs.  Some other bands that do it are British Sea Power, Kaiser Chiefs, Mando Diao, and even Franz Ferdinand.  It’s weird because they take a simple rock sound and blow it up to sound epic for no reason.

A band like Arcade Fire does that because they need to, as their songs aren’t built as rock songs, but as grand epic statements.  Springsteen and the Gaslight Anthem have the same area covered as well, so it’s weird to see a band that should be produced like the Arctic Monkey come out sounding like Arcade Fire.  Maybe it’s just me though…

Anyway, while the album has that epic sound, there’s this one song toward the end that doesn’t.  I can’t figure out why they put it so late on the album, as I believe it to be the best track hands down (and maybe the one that could cross over here in the states, wink wink).  So without further ado, here’s the tune!

The Rifles – Romeo and Julie

As usual, buy something from ze myspace and support the band!


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