The 88 – “All ‘Cause of You”

This is not a new song by any means, but if you haven’t heard it yet then here’s your chance.  The 88 are a fantastic band from California that seem to have fallen into a “Fray-like” adult alternative groove for no real reason.  Their songs are incredibly likable, but I can’t grasp how they aren’t more popular in the indieverse…

Musically, they are like a mix of Ben Folds, Delta Spirit, OK Go, and Weezer, so once again, I don’t really get their lack of worldwide fame.  Also of note is their stellar production value.  While some bands shine when covered in dirt and distortion, the 88 thrive when completely polished.  All they need now is another huge band to tour with and get the recognition they so clearly deserve.

The song below is from their 2005 album Over and Over, but they also have their new self-titled LP that came out a few weeks ago too.  Please give The 88 some love and talk about them, as they should have BLOWN UP years ago…

The 88 – All ‘Cause of You

Go support the band and buy their music at ze myspaces.


One response to “The 88 – “All ‘Cause of You”

  1. I bought Over and Over a few years ago and I TOTALLY agree! Other than their songs being in a few commercials/movies now and then, they really don’t get enough recognition.

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